Saturday, 9 January 2010

Meet Tally

The main character on this blog is Tally, a thirteen year old dapple grey gelding. I use the term ‘character’ deliberately as he has, at times, been labelled a rascal, mischievous, frisky, flighty, full of fun, and a ‘trasher’ (more about that later).

Tally is Thoroughbred/New Forest cross which means that his mum was a registered New Forest mare and his dad was a point-to-pointer who had won a few thousand at the races. Tally is also quite fast when he decides to remain horizontal rather than vertical i.e. gallop rather than erupt into massive bucks when he gets excited!!

One other thing about Tally – he looks like his grandfather, the stallion Kalaglow, whose painting is in a gallery in London.

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